Corporate Domination: Get Local Leads For Your Fitness Business

Matt Ibbs

Matt Ibbs will be going through a step by step process on how he built two personal training studios, multiple boot camp locations and online training programs through generating free local leads at the next PT Toolbox Event on Sunday 28th January 2018 at Bath University.

He will share how to use local businesses to generate free leads for his business and how companies would then pay to run boot camps in house for their staff.

Matt has managed gyms in London (K-West Hotel and Curzon’s Liverpool St) before moving to Liverpool with the idea of setting up his own PT studios.

Influenced by books such as The E-Myth and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he was then able to do what he loves most which is spend time with my family, go to London to watch Chelsea and grow his businesses.

He now spends his working time now between his studios, business coaching at and outside projects.


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How To Drive High Quality Local Leads, Direct To Your Fitness Business With Corporate Wellness Programs

The statistics don’t lie.

Businesses as a whole are losing billions of pounds each year as a result of staff sickness that we, as personal trainers, can help to reduce.

You have the right product that your local businesses need to reduce this and Matt Ibbs wants to show you how to package, present and sell your personal training and group fitness programs to local businesses.

Matt will take you step by step through the exact system he has personally used, ensuring your product is built specifically for the Corporate World.

This will allow you to confidently approach local businesses about your personal training packages knowing you have the right tools in place to solve the problem.

The Initial Set Up

When setting up your Corporate Wellness package its not just a case of contacting local businesses. There are simple (and easy to forget steps) that will allow you to be able to professionally present your product as well as showcase your product to other potential businesses.

The first part is about doing the basics right and getting your initial program together; 2 simple tricks that most personal trainers will forget.

Solving The Problem

We know the statistics and money lost by UK businesses. We know we have the tools within our services to help.

But how can we as personal trainers dial in the exact root and causes of the problem?

Matt will take you through the exact steps needed to fully understand the issues and how your product and service can match up to them so you can promote your services to the right people who fit your business model.

Next he will go through the steps (and templates) so you can build your pitch and sales page for your market to generate more leads.

Your Sales Funnel

There are 2 main strategies Matt will teach you to generate more leads from local businesses and he will take you step by step on the process of building your sales funnel.

Alongside building your funnel, you will also get the complete email sequence he personally uses so you can ‘cut and paste’ and install in to your program.

Building Your List

It can be tough getting in to the ‘Corporate World’ and promoting your services the right way.

Matt will show you how to perfect your list, build the right database and how to easily generate more businesses referrals through simple strategies he uses, as well as a simple to install 3 Step Formula for developing the perfect list.

Bonus 1: When You Attend The PT Toolbox Workshops

Matt will give you 14-Days free access to the FitProUniversity site and Corporate Domination Module where you are able to go through each video and download the forms and content needed to start generating high quality, local leads.

Bonus 2: Maximising Your Profits With Corporate Wellness Plans

Once you are established and set up with your Corporate Partners, the list of products and service you can use to grow your business is phenomenal.

You will be taken through each of the programs and how you can easily implement these to generate more money direct to your business through passive income with your own products and services as well as establish yourself as an expert speaker to that business.

Bonus 3: Putting It All Together

Within Matt has uploaded all the content he uses to present and market to local businesses.

You can download, change and cut and paste your way through this so you will have everything you need to present your business to local companies and have the right tools and content to connect with your market.

The first video is a step by step walk through of how the whole process works to give you a complete understanding of the steps you will be taking to ensure you follow the right path.

From here you are now ready to dominate your local business market and generate leads and sales direct to your door.


Book your tickets for the January PT Toolbox Event by clicking here


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