Emotional Eating and Sabotage

Barry and Laura Ash

When Josh and the team asked us to write something about us like a bio…We must admit we thought “Oh lordy! Another bio!”. We (well Loz) have written so many over the time which have been quite boring, SO when we were given THIS chance to tell you essentially about us, who we are and what we do…We thought we would be honest and just inject some humour into it! 

So here goes…..we are a husband and wife team. We have been together 16 years and married for 12…I know we don’t look old enough! 


Barry Ash (Baz) 


Baz’s background is firmly cemented in the fitness industry; 23 years!! 

 When he left school at 16, after reaching some pretty epic heights as a semi pro Motor Cross rider he went straight to college to train as a clinical sports therapist. From there, he went to work for the local sports centre and reached the position of assistant manager. BUT he got bored and sick of the £8k per year wage, until a guy walked into the gym and said he was a PTI in the prison service earning about £30k per year. Baz thought “I’ll have some of that!’ 

 So off he went to swap stop watches and trainers for keys and landings. 

 He trained and became a PTI where he taught other prisoners to become Personal Trainers and Sports Therapists.  He loved his job BUT it was getting more and more dangerous and when what happened to Loz happened, it was the right time to jump ship. 


Laura Ash (Loz) 


I served for 10 years in the local police force. PC 11985 Ash at your service! I had my whole career planned in front of me….. 

  1. Section (walking the streets) 
  2. Tactical Team (Warrants and Public Order) 
  3. Firearms (self explanatory) 
  4. Dog Unit (again, does not take a genius to know what that is) 

 However about one year into the job, things too a bit of a nasty turn. I became very, very unwell.  I was crying all the time, anxious, arguments, very sad, wondering what life was all about. My Sgt at the time told me to go to the doctors, which I did and I was signed off with depression. Things got worse from there as my symptoms became worse and in February 2009 I was diagnosed with OCD and Bi Polar (which, looking back on my life, I have had since very, very young) 

 So, no more Section, Tac Team, Firearms or Dog Unit. 

I was with the police for about 10 years and my last role was Counter Terrorism Intelligence as an intel officer looking after a patch. That’s all I can say about that! 

In September 2012, I had become so unwell and so unstable that I was given an ultimatum by the police medical doctor. 

“Laura, you either medically retire yourself or we will do it for you”. 33 years old, mental health illness, medically retired, couldn’t you just see the doors slamming on that one for employment?! Come on, the reality of it is quite obvious. SO, I chose the medical retirement myself. 1st June 2013, I was made medically retired and then 2nd June 2013 we opened up Rock Solid for business with 8 full paying 12 week body transformation clients. 

 The rest is pretty much history really. 


Baz and Loz and Rock Solid


From Baz’s time in the fitness industry and our 30 years combined of prison and police training, our own exercises with mental health, plus Baz with his Dyslexia, we started to look at the fitness industry in a very different way. Early on in our business development we worked very closely with Jessie Pavelka, an American fitness celebrity. From working closely with him, his clients and our own we saw a massive gap which was not being covered. 


Why do clients not stick to their meal plans, training plans? Why does one person get their result and why do others not?


This intrigued us MASSIVELY and we started to really bury our heads into this and get to understand it. Long story short we discovered that this was all down to their Emotional Human Behaviour; WHY people do what they do. Since training and now working as Remedial Hypnotists, this theory has really been cemented. 

 We deal every day with people who have problems with:

  • Emotional Eating 
  • Sabotage 
  • Low Self Esteem 
  • Low Self Worth 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 

We also knew that we just did not want to be rep counters. With the ever growing pace of mental health illness in this world, the things stated above are just getting more and more popular. We are well known now in the fitness sector as specialists in human behaviour and understating WHY clients do what they do. 

We have 1-2-1 days, 14 weeks programs, a membership site, workshops and we run complete online programs (Freedom7 and Freedom90) around this. We also teach Personal Trainers with our Conscious Control course, which we only started to teach in March 2017, SO for us to be offered the chance to talk to you guys is WELL EPIC! PLUS we are You Tube Vloggers….. YES we do get time to sleep!  


Emotional Eating and Sabotage 


What the HECK are we going to talk to you about AND WHY should you stay awake and listen to us? 

We are going to be talking AAALLL about emotional eating and sabotage. 

We are going to share with you part of our LEAP formula, which we have used with many a PT and hundreds of ladies and gents to help identify WHY they eat for emotion. I sh*t you not, this technique is powerful and a PT who came on our last workshop helped her client in 3 minutes!!!! 

YES it’s that quick. 

We will touch on the difference between MINDSET and EMOTIONAL HUMAN BEHAVIOUR and WHY MINDSET alone is just now powerful enough. We may even go into how the MIND works and possibly do a little hypnosis!  

There is a divide with this stuff in the industry because some don’t want to go into this sort of stuff…and if that is you then perhaps this section won’t be for you, and that’s cool. It’s probably something worth learning about anyway, just to have that little bit of extra knowledge.

However if you really enjoy mindset, you geek out over it, if you want to get better results for your clients, be years ahead, stand out and be a local hero, and the person to go to who actually UNDERSTANDS your clients THEN BOY, are you in for a TREAT! 


If you have stuck with us to the end, well done. I can waffle. 

We really look forward to seeing you on the day! 


Loz and Baz 

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