Facebook Marketing for Fitness Business

Stephen Craven

Stephen is a digital marketing GEEK. 

If he wasn’t doing this for a living, he’d still be nerding out over funnels, click through rates and ROI every minute of his spare time. 

Stephen didn’t have the typical start in the marketing industry, and actually dropped out of University. 


Because thirteen years ago, he could already see where the marketing was going, and it wasn’t in the direction being taught on his degree course. 

But if anything, that made him even more determined to succeed, and he got a job for the biggest independent bookmakers in the UK. 

Wanting a bigger challenge, Stephen then switched to working for digital marketing agencies, and after moving up quickly within a couple of them, he was entrusted with starting a brand new agency and building it from the ground up. 

Two and a half years later, after taking several businesses from £0 to £150,000 turnover in their first 12 months and being put in charge of 7-figures worth of Facebook ads, Stephen resigned to concentrate on his own consultancy which had been growing steadily in the background. 

Fast forward to today…

His consultancy works with some of the biggest names and brands in fitness, both on and offline. 

Stephen helps them find their perfect customers online using paid social and builds systems and processes to deliver leads or sales on autopilot. 

And that old cliché – helping you make more money and work less.
In his spare time, Stephen is a comic book GEEK, and attends every midnight showing for Marvel, DC and Star Wars movies on their day of release (usually at midnight!). 

If you want to hear Stephen talk at the March PT Toolbox Live event follow this link

Facebook Marketing for Fitness Businesses

Stephen’s talk on Sunday 25th March 2018 at the University of Bath will be around teaching you how to use Facebook (and any other marketing channel) effectively That sounds far too simple, but out of the 18,000 clients he’s worked with over the last 12 years, less than 1% even had a clue how to communicate with their prospects.

In this talk he will cover:

  1. The three types of content you need to create every single month
  2. How the technical parts of Facebook and Facebook ads make your marketing simple
  3. The quick and dirty essentials for digital marketing (tech without the head f*ck) 

There will time for Q&A at the end too. You should leave the day with a brand-new outlook on creating content and communicating with your clients via social media. 


To get going on some knowledge gains click here

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