I was the worst trainer in my gym…

I’ve been asked in the past, “what qualifies you to give advice to personal trainers?”.

All Blog PostsOther than my experience and qualifications the main reason is this…


I became a self employed personal trainer at the age of 18 AND I WAS THE WORST PT IN MY GYM. I still got my clients results but I wonder at the difference I could make to their lives, health and physiques knowing what I know now.

At the time I didn’t know it because I just purely wasn’t self aware or self critical enough to see my mistakes.

– My clients rarely got given training programs and most were trained session to session
– I took most of my 30-40 sessions per week in cash, which I duly wasted on crap when I could of saved or reinvested thousands
– Nutrition advice for my clients was either poor quality or didn’t consider the individuals needs
– My professional development was nearly non existent because I knew everything and the courses I did go on didn’t really progress my training or my business
– Some clients I took on were WAY outside my scope of practice
– I didn’t expand my professional network outside of the gym I was working in
– When I did market my business I jumped from tactic to tactic and didn’t tailor my message to my target audience (because I didn’t have one!)

But the funny thing is, I still managed to build my PT business (if you can call it that) to a steady 30-40 hours of PT a week at £35 an hour for a few years.

If I could go back and offer all of those clients sessions now, then the difference in service and their results would be unrecognisable.

If you want any help, advice or guidance please drop me an email at [email protected] and I can help you out.

Until next time, Josh.

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