Nutrition – Making It Simple But Effective For Your Clients

Dean Connor

Your clients are individuals, the approach to their nutrition should reflect that.

On Sunday 25th March 2018 at the University of Bath, Dean will teach you how to firstly recognise what stage your client is at and therefore what strategy you will use with them. Learning from the latest evidence-based research in nutritional science, coupled with real world experience of over 25,000 hours, it is apparent that success with nutrition comes from the client being able to simply apply what you have told them.

Dean will be going through a progressive approach to nutrition that you can apply across your whole range of clients. Everything from goal setting, to a sustainable approach, to the specifics of monitoring macronutrients (should they require this level) through to “maintenance for life” or as he likes to call it “the diet after the diet.”

You will learn what your clients need and how you can be their go-to source of information for everything from making food for their family, to eating out with friends to choosing from the menu at business meetings. Your clients will love you even more than they already do because you will finally be able to make the confusing world of nutrition information simple. 


Interested in increasing your brain’s nutritional knowledge value? Craving meeting an expert on the subject? Got a hankerin’ for self-development?

Come join us on Sunday 25th March 2018 at Bath Uni for the 5th PT Toolbox Live Event!

Tickets here.


Who is Dean Connor?


“Since graduating with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Liverpool John Moores University, I have spent the last 12 years as a personal trainer coaching over 25,000 hours of 1-2-1 sessions. 

Alongside my work with my private clients (which has been fully booked for the past 8 years) and my online exclusive coaching platform, delivering educational seminars has become a huge passion of mine. Helping the public and other coaches better understand nutrition I have been lucky to present on platforms such as Bodypower 2017. 

Post graduate research and study has never stopped, with courses such as Shredded By Science and as a nutritionist with Mac Nutrition Uni, both of which I could not recommend highly enough. I have always strived to learn from the best in the world since entering this industry. 

Passionate to help as many people worldwide as I could and limited by the number of people I could privately coach, I became the Co-Director of, a membership site and support group encompassing a video series that guides the user through a progressive program to develop their understanding of nutrition at their own pace.  

My goal is taking the latest cutting-edge research, and delivering an evidence-based approach to nutrition that couples both experience in the real world and a holistic individual approach and making the information extremely user friendly. My delivery style will change depending upon the audience because it’s my belief that if you want to impress people, make things complicated, BUT if you want to help people, make things simple. Coaching is a skill, the only thing that matters is if your client can understand and apply what you have told them. The same thing applies whether I am educating coaches at the highest level, or talking to an absolute beginner in the gym starting their journey, they need to be able to understand firstly, then be able to apply to their life. 

I have been successful in the past as a fitness model, which when first staring out in the industry was a massive goal of mine. This has been both on the stage and featured on the cover and within the pages of various publications but I now prefer to be found as an information provider in those magazines.  

Recently I have just been awarded a huge role as a writer for the nutrition section in Muscle & Fitness magazine. This is a dream come true as growing up using this magazine as my go to source for information each month to now having the chance to influence people in the same way is a huge honour.  

I adore this industry, I honestly believe that I’ve never worked a day because of how excited I still get waking up each morning to deliver the role in which I do. It is my passion to help transform as many people as possible across the world, to educate as many individuals and help develop the knowledge of coaches so they too can go on to do just the same. “


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