OPEX CCP Immersion Weekend – 31st May – 2nd June 2019

Recently I was introduced to Jim Crowell and James Fitzgerald from OPEX Fitness, OPEX deliver their online Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) to coaches worldwide and they were kind enough to invite me to attend their “immersion weekend” for their UK coaches.

Some background on CCP…

CCP is a course that has been designed to help professional coaches master five pillars:

  1. Business of Coaching
  2. Consultation
  3. Assessment
  4. Program Design
  5. Nourishment

As you go through the self directed e-learning platform you will have monthly cohort calls as well as a series of webinars. The group of instructors have a huge amount of knowledge, industry experience and passion for the constant improvement of the coaching profession.

Full Disclosure: I am yet to sign up to CCP however once my education workload is reduced it is top of my list. This review is about the Immersion Weekend that all CCP graduates can attend.

CCP Immersion Weekend

I’ll be honest, going into this weekend I was slightly apprehensive that it was going to be similar to a CrossFit level 1 course with a lot of cult like behaviour. I was pleasantly surprised! When I got to the Hilton conference room I was greeted by Megan who gave me my name tags and a pair of OPEX socks.

Side note – they are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn! ????

The weekend was hosted by James Fitzgerald (CEO & Founder) and Jim Crowell (CEO) and the first thing that struck me once the day started was the absolutely huge amount of passion that both of these guys have for the fitness industry and developing amazing coaches for “functional fitness”.

I knew of James from my days of following CrossFit and have always been aware of his work since, he is extremely knowledgable across multiple subjects and he translates this so succinctly to the coaches in the room, it’s amazing to watch.

Jim has a background in various businesses and his knowledge and excitement for business processes, strategy and language are inspiring. 

You can tell that both of these guys are super passionate, dedicated to the fitness industry and very, very knowledgable.

Over the weekend there were so many topics covered that some may have slipped my mind but this is how it all panned out …

Day One Summary

On day one of the course we kicked off with Jim teaching about business, marketing and retention. He broke down some really useful information into digestible chunks and it really showed me that the guys choosing to become OPEX coaches or gym owners really do have a strong business brain in their corner.

Jim discussed pitching your services, your “why, what and how” of your service and also the type of person you are in your business.

Then Jim went on to cover customer retention, client experience, business metrics and processes. We also broke into some groups to discuss our service walkthrough from a clients perspective (this alone was a game changer for me, something so simple that I had never done before!)

After a break Jim delivered some sessions on marketing and client acquisition followed by customer definition (who do you want to buy from you?). This was another lesson that really challenged my current business practices and I loved it!

Day Two Summary

Day two was just as jam packed with learning as day one and the pace didn’t slow at all. Although the learning was intense it was interspersed with group discussions, Q&As and workbook tasks.

Some of the topics we covered on day two included;

  • Intensity & Training (for both athletes and general population)
  • Scope of practice as a professional coach
  • Programme design
  • Nihilism, the rise of AI and machines taking over the world (You’ll have to speak to James Fitzgerald directly about this for his unique insight! ????)
  • Athletic skills development and muscular contraction
  • Expression of movement
  • Consulting skills

Day Three Summary

Day three was possibly one of the days for me that had a huge amount of practical takeaway information. We started off with an overall recap of the information covered throughout the previous two days.

Then we moved into a task that involved us completing a consult with another coach who was role playing as a client, after the consultation we then offered our prescriptions for exercise, lifestyle and nourishment using the guidelines taught on the CCP.

This task initially was a bit concerning for me as I haven’t completed the CCP so I thought I wouldn’t know the OPEX methods however the methods used are based on sound principles that I had been exposed to before so this wasn’t a problem!

Next up we broke into pairs and led our client through the OPEX Level 1 Movement Screen, this was completely new to me and I had my partner lead me through the OPEX screening system.

This blew my mind.

The information in the OPEX movement screen is not new nor is it radical, the information is logical and simple which from a coaches perspective is simply amazing because it’s easy to understand (from both a coaches and clients perspective) and it’s incredibly easy to implement!

After our movement screens we moved onto nutrition prescriptions, case studies and programme design which were all based on research but backed with practical application by the team at OPEX.

If I had to summarise my experience on the OPEX weekend in a few sentences…

From my time spent with the guys at OPEX I can wholeheartedly endorse The Coaching Certificate Program and I have seen first hand the enthusiasm, knowledge and experience that goes into every element of their business. Couple that with glowing endorsements from all of their students that I interviewed and I think you are in the most capable of hands when you sign up for CCP.

For more information on OPEX and the CCP please visit https://opexfit.com/

If you have any questions about my experience at the immersion weekend please email Josh@PTtoolbox.co.uk

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