PT Toolbox; The Beginning

Welcome to PT Toolbox!

PT Toolbox is the ultimate resource for personal trainers looking to constantly improve their professional practice in all areas. We have been helping personal trainers with their businesses, clients and coaching since September 2013.

Our job is to give you the resources, support and guidance to maximise your potential as a personal trainer.

I launched PT Toolbox in 2013 after leaving my job with a major UK fitness training provider. In my role as a lead tutor I used to run training centres and oversee the qualification of hundreds of students a year.

I saw one problem over and over again with my graduates.

After a week or two of being released into the world of personal training, I would inevitably receive a variation of one of the following emails…


“Hey Josh, do you have a new client consultation template pack that I could use please? My gym hasn’t got a copy I can use!”

“Josh! What’s the best way to get more clients? I feel lost!”

“How do I plan a group fat loss session?”


Evidently the themes of these emails were all similar, with slight variations from each personal trainer making them slightly different.

I realised that my graduates were starting their PT careers with minimal to zero support and guidance.

This gave me the idea to create PT Toolbox as an educational hub for fitness professionals who wanted to improve their knowledge on…

– Business & Marketing
– Coaching Skills, Mindset and Motivation Strategies
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Nutrition
– Training
– Programming, Exercise Selection and Execution

In 2017 we decided to relaunch, restructure and revamp PT Toolbox to make it easier to navigate and provide information that was easy to digest for our members.

Each piece of content is now available in multiple formats and can be accessed on the move.

As an example, our comprehensive PAR-Q Template is available as a downloadable PDF, it has a video explaining the best way to use the form with a client as well as an article explaining the intricacies of the form and how to use it.

We also run live events every two months for our members at Bath University covering a massive range of topics which our members can choose the themes based on their needs.

Who am I?

My name is Josh Mullin and I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since the age of 15 when I qualified as a gym instructor. I started my first official personal training role in 2007 and have worked in every role imaginable including Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, PT Manager, Facility Manager, Lead Tutor and Course Assessor.

Every role I’ve had in the fitness industry has given me access to loads of learning opportunities and I’ve been lucky enough to have met hundreds of people who have influenced everything I do from client consultations to social media management.

With the creation of PT Toolbox in 2013 I’ve tried to pool my knowledge and experience in one place alongside the knowledge and experience of our panel of expert contributors.


If you would like to have a chat with me over Skype about PT Toolbox or anything else in particular then just drop me an email at [email protected] and we can arrange a chat.

Get in touch!

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