What you can learn from Conor McGregor…

By now you must have seen it…

All over Facebook and various news sites, that Conor McGregor was beaten by Khabib Nurmagomedov on Thursday at UFC 229.

McGregor is known for his confident (some call it arrogant) and at times insulting attitude towards his opponents in the run up to his fights.

He uses emotions and psychological games to try and mentally outmanoeuvre his opponents so that when they get in the cage he has already won some of the fight before it’s even started.

This time however it didn’t play out as planned…

Nurmagomedov had been insulted by McGregor leading up to the fight, including insults about his culture, family, religion and his country.

When McGregor was using these psychological tactics to try and manipulate Nurmagomedov, his aim was to unsettle him and make him fight with emotion as his overarching driver.

However, what he didn’t realise is that, to this particular Russian native, his insults didn’t leave him unsettled or even off his game; it unleashed an amount of animosity, drive, resilience and even hatred that McGregor hadn’t counted on.

McGregors insults actually had the opposite effect of what they were supposed to do, and I believe he lost the fight because he underestimated the response from Nurmagomedov, and that was his downfall.

However, after the fight is where the tension really exploded…

Khabib launched himself over the cage and attacked one of McGregors team, while two of Khabib’s team attacked McGregor whilst he was in the cage.

The level of emotion that had been built up around the fight not only impacted the outcome of the fight but erupted into physical violence outside of it as well.

So what can you learn from this as a personal trainer/business owner?

McGregor creates controversy wherever he goes, he exploits his ‘love him or hate him’ attitude and because of it he has made himself a multi-millionaire.

He does all of this by breeding one thing in those that support him and those that loathe him.




As personal trainers, we have an exceptionally emotionally driven job; our clients have outcomes and goals that are primarily driven by love, hate, fear or desire.

If you can learn what your clients’ emotional ties are to their goals, then you can use that to better communicate with them how your services can help them attain that goal.

Explaining to a prospective client that they will be able to see their grandchildren grow to see their eighteenth birthday is much more emotionally appealing than saying their health markers will improve.

Or consider a male, high level business executive that has erectile dysfunction and a highly stressful job. Your training could help him reconnect with his wife, become more efficient in his work life, manage his stress levels better and make him feel like a man again.

Do you think that would sell him on your program?

I think it would.

So, remember when you are marketing for your target audience that emotion is going to be the primary driving force behind taking action. People do not buy services like personal training from a mindset of reasoning and logic.

They are governed by emotion.

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